Macro Group


Thanks to Arthur Fitt for finding this PSSA Salons definition of MACRO

“Macro photography is extreme close-up photography, where you get close to a small subject by physical or optical means.  Starting at approximately 1/4 life size i.e. when the subject being photographed is four (4) times the size of the film frame or digital sensor.  There is no limit on the upper end.  The size of the subject in the finished photograph is greater than life size”.

Comment by Arthur – “The last sentence doesn’t help, but basically it does enable one to use a lens which is not strictly macro, that is one that can achieve a 1:1 reproduction ratio, and take photos that PSSA will accept in a salon at a 1:4 ratio.

Report Back

The first meeting held on Sunday 26th February at Joy’s flat was attended by about a dozen members who have a wide range of experience and equipment from true beginners, to one member who already has Zerene Focus Stacking Software, Stackshot computerised, motorised macro rail, and the Canon MPE 1-5x Macro lens, but who still regards himself as a beginner, (experience wise), to folks like myself who have the technical skills, but are looking for the artistic aspects.

Members indicated the need for hands-on workshops at all different levels, including mentored Macro outings.  Future meetings should be aimed at beginners, advanced levels and so on, or to cover aspects such a lighting, and image sharpness.

To facilitate communication between members of the group, a Yahoo email group has been started with most of those present having joined.  To date, member activity on the group has been disappointing.

During the first 2 sundays in April, Joy ran a hands-on Beginners workshop in her flat that was attended by 3 beginners on the first Sunday, and 2 on the second.  All who attended found the workshop stimulating, as it encouraged would-be macro workers to dust off equipment stored in the attic, or to realise that for the cost of a simple lens mount reversing ring they could jump right in to way beyond life-size on the sensor !!

The E&D meeting on the 3rd Wednesday in May will be a detailed powerpoint presentation covering as many aspects as can be fitted into one evening.


The good news is that Council has agreed that the 4th Wednesday in May will be a SIG night at the hall.  I will bring as many of my Macro toys to give hands-on experience to those who wish it.  I would like to encouirage other macro workers to set up a table as well.