Learning from Masters

Learning from the Masters is an informal discussion group where a member introduces a photographer – or genre – that inspires him/her. This is followed by a group discussion. The setting is informal – drinks and eats served – and there are no rules about the photographer “master” that may be introduced. The master may be old, modern, classic, avant garde, well-known, unknown and the member may use any medium for the introduction, whether a video, slide show, printed images, library books etc. During the following month members are encouraged – but not forced to – take photographs ‘in the style of” the master introduced to show the group the following month.

The group started with an introduction to the work of American architectural photographer Julius Shulman. Margaret Collins introduced him via an award-winning documentary, Visual Acoustics, narrated by Dustin Hoffman, and shared some further information. The following month Cathy Bruce introduced Edward Curtis, who became famous for his comprehensive coverage of the life of native Americans in 40 000 plus still photographs, motion picture clips and music recordings.

Future “masters” chosen by members to introduce:  Sebastião Salgado, Annie Leibovitz, Obie Oberholzer and Karsh of Ottawa.

In May Len van Wyk will introduce Sebastiao Salgado.

In June Julie Dyer will introduce Annie Leibovitz.

The group has 22 members, but due to other commitments about 10-12 attend per meeting.

Meeting times and venue: The group meets every third Tuesday of the month at 7 pm at the presenter’s house or venue of choice.

To join: please contact coordinator Trudi du Toit on 082 572 6127 or trudi@sportstrader.co.za.