2023 Kirkcaldy Competition

Battle across the Oceans

For three years in a row CTPS and the Kirkcaldy Photographic Society (KPS) from the county of Fyfe in Scotland have been conducting the Battle across the Oceans via zoom. Three years ago, CTPS was contacted by the President of KPS, and it was suggested that the two societies start a virtual collaboration in the form of a competition so that we could have a chance to see what photographers on opposite sides of the globe like to photograph. Each club selects 25 images from 25 members and an external judge is appointed to score the images and give a brief comment on each. CTPS was declared the winner of the competition on all three occasions. It is always an interesting and fun evening, following the scores of the images as they are judged. Three images by CTPS members got full marks (20/20): Harmony by Kim Stevens, Sea Lion Tenderness by Dieter Butow and The Serpent in Rough Seas by Lesley Parolis. Two images received a score of 19/20 – Social Distancing by Joan Ward and Friemersheim Local by Andre Mouton. Winter Flows by Johan van Wyk was awarded a score of 18/20. The 25 CTPS images received a total score of 422 and Kirkcaldy achieved a total score of 395

20 – The serpent in rough seas – Lesley Parolis

20 – Sea Lion tenderness – Dieter Butow

20 – Harmony – Kim Stevens

19 – Social distancing – Joan Award

18 – Winter Flows – Johan van Wyk

Friemersheim local – Andre Mouton