The Cape Town Photographic Society (CTPS) is South Africa’s oldest photographic club still in existence. CTPS is home to many active and creative members who enjoy the cameraderie offered by our vibrant society of photographers.

CREDIT: Peter Turnbull

The Cape Town Photographic Society (CTPS) is South Africa’s oldest photographic club still in existence. CTPS is home to a group of enthusiastic photographers of all ages and levels of experience, who are keen to improve their photography. The program for members includes competitions, workshops, presentations, photographic outings and audiovisual events. 

Competition evening
We meet on the first Wednesday every month for the Competition evening where members are invited to enter 3 images, either printed or digital, into either an Open category or against a Set theme. An external judge then offers commentary and a score. Depending on the score achieved, members may receive a Gold, Silver or Bronze award. These score levels depend on the member’s ranking. Click here for the competition rules

Members learn about and submit audio-visual slideshows of their photos. They discuss what makes a good AV and then watch and review each others AVs. These meetings are via Zoom only.

Education & Development
Meetings take place on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Speakers and experts in their respective fields offer lectures and workshops to the CTPS members. Topics range from Photoshop editing to subject specialties such as Macro photography or Portraiture. This information will be communicated via Snapshots (our weekly newsletter).

Outings and weekends away 
We’re an active society and plan at least 2 weekends away each year. These are complemented by day trips and other photographic outings.

Meetings take place at the SASNEV Hall, Central Square, in Pinelands at 6:30 for 7pm. The meetings are usually streamed via Zoom as well.

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