Audio Visuals

Welcome to the Audio Visual Section of the Cape Town Photographic Society.

The society has for many years promoted the use of Audio Visual (AV’s) as an integrated part of the photographic Society

AV’s fall into 3 main categories, the ones that tell a story, ones that are called ‘Photo Harmony’ and thirdly a slide show

AV’s give the producer the opportunity to express what one would like to share with others and therefore a lot of the production of an AV is personal, and similar to photography it is important to realize that one can only try to make the audience appreciative of their work.

The AV Section meets on the second Wednesday of every second month at St. Stephen’s church hall, Central square, Pinelands, starting at 7pm. Here members can gain valuable experience and knowledge of what makes an AV work. Above all the main objective is to has fun and enjoy oneself.

For those of you that would like to participate in the production of an AV follow this link for some basics on a production. (Click Here)This will take you to the page below

For the competitively minded there are numerous competitions worldwide which can be entered. There is also a very active local scene produced by the Photographic Society of South Africa,


AV Salons

PSSA Website – Salon Scene –


Software for editing AVs

Our preferred sofware is PTE from

Others include:

Proshow –

Wings –