AV Programme 2020

The Programme for 2020 will include a challenge to all CTPS members to actually make an AV that is longer than 3 minutes, and shorter than 5. Judging will take place August 2020. The winner of this challenge will be announced on the CTPS Honours and awards evening.

The AV steering committee has noted that various makers of AV software have either announced their intention of closing shop (Pro Show) or have withdrawn the free version (Wings). Also, the multitude of AV programs available have led to confusion as to what members should use.

World-wide, the most popular AV software is PTE. It is reasonably priced and has many tutorials on YouTube.
For this reason, your steering committee has decided to organise –
• A practical workshop is planned with follow up assistance
• A PTE workshop – aimed at first time AV makers
• Bi-monthly meetings where members can show off their AVs

“AVs what a way to show off your photography”