Charles Hulse



Charles has been making AVs since the late 1970s and was a founder member of the audio visual group “Third Image” which was initiated by Kay Gordon who was virtually responsible for the art form in Australia beginning its growth to the present.  At that time the art was with slides and sound from LPs and tape recording.


In 1981 Charles became the first and only Australian to gain a Fellowship from the RPS for making AVs (FRPS).  This followed his ARPS award in 1979 just a couple of years after he began making productions.


In 1992 Charles was a member of the organising committee for the APSCON held in the Barossa Valley, South Australia.  At that convention he was responsible for the projection of the entire event and he also made a presentation of his AVs. 


In 1993 Charles accepted the job as the first Director of the Adelaide AV Fest.  As Director he was responsible for all aspects of the festival.   His efforts from 1993 through to 1999 resulted in the festival being as highly regarded in the international AV world as it is today.


From 1979 onwards Charles became interested in entering AV festivals – State, national and international and in 1996 he was awarded an AV-AFIAP from FIAP – the first Australian to gain that honour. 


In 2016 Charles was awarded the AV-EFIAP.  He became the first person in the world to achieve that award after FIAP had increased the difficulty by requiring at least 50 acceptances, with at least 18 sequences in 10 countries and 20 salons.  About 50% of his entries have gained awards at local, national and international levels including the best Australian entry three times at the Adelaide AV International.  He has won Bronze, Silver and Gold medals in international events in Italy, Poland and the UK.


Throughout his AV career, Charles has been a judge at all levels of competition.  He has twice judged the International 321 event and was the co-ordinating judge for the 2016 South African international “Water” AV salon.


In 2014 Charles made another 90 minute presentation of his work and methods at the APSCON held in Ballarat, Victoria.  This was entitled “Emotion and Audio Visual Production” which reflected his interest and belief in that side of AV making.


Charles currently has about 80 productions to his name and has more AVs in the FIAP Permanent AV Collection than any other author.  These are:  Hillsborough, On the Ring of Fire, Writ in Water, Modern Life, Pele’s Kingdom, Irony, The Light, Only the Heart and For Freedom,  He is still very active in AV making and continues to enter National and International festivals.