Monthly competitions 2021- Best performance over the year

This year Council decided to award certificates for the best performance in each ranking category in the Set Subject and in the Open category. The 10 top scores for each photographer over the competition year were added up for each category. The winners were as follows

Set subject

Beginner:  Winner Sally-Ann Spooner, 2nd place Joyce Goldschmidt, 3rd place Ashley Smith

Intermediate: Winner Eric Decloedt, 2nd place Kishore Seegobin, 3rd place Gaetan Manuel

Advanced: Winner Dieter Butow, Joint 2nd place Jonathan Burchell and Mireill Landman

Salon/Master: Winner David Barnes, 2nd place Lesley Parolis, 3rd place Kim Stevens



Beginner: Joint winners Andre Mouton and Sally-Ann Spooner, 3rd place Joyce Goldschmidt

Intermediate: Winner Jessica Nitschke, 2nd place Paramasivam Saravanakumar, 3rd place Walter Berndorfler

Advanced: Winner Theo Potgieter, 2nd place Marianna Meyer, 3rd place Bill Kennedy

Salon/Master: Winner David Barnes, 2nd place Kim Stevens, 3rd place Jeanette du Toit