2023 Martin Barber at CTPS Exhibition

Martin Barber rocked us!

The Saturday morning after opening the Celebration of Photography exhibition in November 2023,  Martin Dudley Barber had everybody who was gathered in the glamorous Simon’s Function venue at Groot Constantia stamping their feet and clapping in tune to Queen’s We will rock you!

And then he proceeded to rock photographers from clubs across the Western Cape by urging them to find the story we want to tell and to develop our own voice when telling it. During the break between his presentations, hosted by CTPS,  descriptions like inspirational and motivational were often heard above the clatter of tea and coffee cups and servings of scrumptious snacks, organised by Joyce Goldschmidt.

Then Martin took us on an emotional journey along his own creative path. By telling the stories behind the creation of some of his own images, it became clear why Martin is such a multiple award-winning photographer: the empathy he feels for his subjects touches an emotional cord in his viewers. 

Martin Barber

Jean, Anna & Jacoba

Jonathan, Andre, Mike and Robert

Mariette Muller, Mireille Landman, Steff Hughes, Friso Woudstra, Ken Woods

Marius & Richard