Portrait Group

The Portrait Special Interest Group is co-ordinated by Lambe and Lesley Parolis. We meet once a month on a  Monday evening at 7 PM or we arrange outings. If you would like to join then contact LesleyParolis(at)gmail.com

We discuss all aspects of portrait photography and are currently being led by Malcolm Jones who is taking us through how to set up lighting for portraits.

The next meeting will be a photo shoot later in February – details to follow

Each member has been tasked with preparing a short presentation on a famous photographer. One will be presented each month. The list is:

Kim Stevens               Manny Labrodo

Anna Engelhardt       David Goldblatt

Cathy Bruce                Richard Avedon

Andre Mouton            Jurgen Schadeberg

Jeanette du Toit         Nadar Kandar

Julie Dyer                    Steve McCurry

Joy Wellbeloved          David Lazaar

Mireille Landman       Annie Leibowitz

Lesley Parolis               Eric Lafforge

Lambe Parolis               Eric Almas

Richard Goldschmidt  Jim Nelson

Nicol du Toit                 Lisa Kristine