“making AV's - what a great way to show off your images.”

CREDIT: Roger Trythall

Welcome to the Audio Visual Section of the Cape Town Photographic Society.

The society has for many years promoted the creation of Audio Visual presentations (AV’s) as an integral part of the Society. The aim is to provide our members with resources and training to develop their AV making skills while having fun along the process. Members meet monthly to share ideas and  show their AV’s. These sessions provide valuable experience, feedback and knowledge to further their skills.

For the competitively minded AV enthusiasts, there are numerous competitions that which can be entered. Visit the Photographic Society of South Africa at for more information. Please forward any queries to

Please note that all physical meetings are currently suspended until further notice. Meetings will be held via Zoom video.

Next meeting: Wednesday 10th February

The next AV meeting on Zoom will be on Wednesday 10th February 2021 starting at 7 pm. The program will include:

Updates on AVs International

Members AVs

PTE Tutorial

A new Challenge

AV’s fall into 3 main categories, the ones that tell a story, ones that are called ‘Photo Harmony’ and thirdly a slide show. We suggest following basic process when making your AV.

  • Decide on the type of AV would you like to make, a story, Photo harmony or a slide show.
  • Put your ideas down on paper:-
    • List of Images that you would like to use
    • The story (If one is using this medium)
    • Ideas for narration or music
  • Start to build up a library of the images you would like to use along with any music that would complement the images
  • Think about titles
  • Consider the use of video clips
  • Scroll the internet for ideas, Google is a great source of knowledge and ideas. Visit our resource page below.
  • Look at TV shows on how they position people and items on the screen

The AV committee has noted that various makers of AV software have either announced their intention of closing shop (Pro Show) or have withdrawn the free version (Wings). Also, the multitude of AV programs available have led to confusion as to what members should use.World-wide, the most popular AV software is PTE. It is reasonably priced and has a multitude of tutorials on YouTube.

Members are free to purchase any of the software tools on offer. However, we recommend the use of PTE AV Studio. The learning curve is not steep and if all members uses the same software we can share ideas and learn from each other. For more information visit the PTE website

For this reason, the committee has decided to organise: 
• A practical AV workshop with follow up assistance
• A PTE workshop - mainly  aimed at first time AV makers

The dates and media will be communicated via Snapshots.


If you know of any useful resources that can assist in the making of AV's please forward them to and we'll post them here to share.