Education and Development

The Education and Development evenings take place once a month, on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, starting at 19h00 in St Stephen’s Church hall, Pinelands.

Main Objective:

It is important to acknowledge that improving one’s own level of photography can only be achieved by getting absorbed in photography from all perspectives. Hence the objective of the E&D programme, working in conjunction with Outings, is to expose our members to a cross section of recognized photographers working with varying genres, so giving them the opportunity to experiment with their own photography in guided situations with like-minded people.

It is not about “telling” you how to get that “perfect” shot (is there such a thing?), but rather the intent is to motivate you all to read about, and astutely view, top quality photography. A prime aim is to get you to move away from being controlled by “rules and marks”, and to rather encourage you to establish your own style of capturing that magic moment which caught your eye in the first place. No internationally renowned photographers stick to the “rules”, but by fully understanding the basic principles of photography they create their own style to present outstanding images; and most of them stress the need for a creative approach supported by a passionate commitment.

These evenings are worth attending and will take your photography to new levels!




During the first part of the evening (until tea break) our speaker will be Craig Strachan, photographer, musician, marathon runner and IT architect. Craig will be talking about his approach to travel and street photography, what works and what doesn’t, shooting strangers, what gear he uses when travelling, workflow & backups, and how he has sold some of his images.

Craig is a long-standing member of SAFREA and has done work for magazines, online new sites, city guides, websites, large retail companies and has even had an image used on a bootleg U2 album cover. He has done studio work for performers, professional speakers and people just wanting great profile pictures. He also commissioned work for retail, including product shots for online retail. He loves to shoot street and travel, jumping to the challenge of capturing the essence of an experience in a photograph.

“I use photography to document the world around me. For me almost every photo I take reminds me of a story; sometimes it is a personal reminder about where I was when I took the photo, but often it is just a thought, a wondering of what could have been happening in the scene. I don’t believe in rules, I tread them more as guidelines (the rule of 3rd was made to be broken). I believe that a photo is like a glass of wine. If you enjoy a glass of wine drink some more, if you don’t find another wine to drink“, explains Craig.

His photoblog has been running since 2005, and has about 800 posts.


2.  FOLLOWING on from last month’s successful interaction session, the second half of the evening will comprise of an educational discussion on common questions that we as photographers think we know the answers to, but do we really?  This discussion will be led by Richard Goldschmidt who will invite answers and opinions from knowledgeable members on the floor. 

20th MARCH

In March we welcome Jon Kerrin and his business partner Kyle Goetsch. Jon will speak on composition in landscapes and Kyle on astrophotography.

Landscape photography is easily one of the most accessible forms of photography, especially to  Capetonians. We are spoilt for choice with gorgeous mountains and seascapes to capture. But with so much choice it can be hard to not just point our cameras toward the first composition that comes to mind and click the shutter.

In this talk Jon Kerrin will be discussing the essential ingredients to creating a gripping and engaging landscape photograph that tells a story and leaves an emotive reaction.

…”As a child I watched my father, a very enthusiastic landscape hobbyist photographer, take wonderful photographers of the holiday destinations we would visit. We loved watching the slideshows he would present. But strangely enough this never convinced me to pick up a camera of my own to capture these moments. It was only once I left school, and started travelling the world on my own, that I realised a part of my experience was missing by not giving myself reference to these memories. This realisation was my first step in photography, and ever since it’s been an obsession, not just with photography, but with capturing the incredible world around me” writes Jon .

A few years ago he decided to turn my passion into a career, putting all his time into capturing incredible scenery, as well as teaching and guiding others in the art of landscape photography.

To view his work visit Facebook:

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Kyle Goetsch comes from an academic background where he studied a PhD in biochemistry and later worked at the University of Cape Town’s Cardiovascular Research Unit. It was during this time that Kyle explored his passion for photography.

After several years of expanding his photography skill set, he took the plunge, following his passion into full-time landscape photography.

Since then Kyle has developed a number of workshops and tours throughout Southern Africa where he shares his passion with others, teaching them the skills he has learnt from his own photographic journey.

Kyle is a NiSi filters ambassador for South Africa and lives in Cape Town with his wife, Rachel.

Kyle has a love for astrophotography and will be sharing a number of images from his late-night photo expeditions. His talk will cover the difference that equipment can make in low light photography, as well has how to take images of the Milky Way with the equipment you currently have. He will explore the preparation that goes into planning your photos and how to know where the best locations will be for shooting the stars. Kyle will also look at the number of different ways there are to capture the night sky and delve into some editing techniques to help you improve your astrophotography. Finally, he will share with us a long-term project he has been working on focusing on the night sky over Cape Town.

To see more of Kyle’s work, visit his website or follow him on social media to see his latest work at or