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CREDIT: Kim Stevens

16th June 2021  –  Adrian McGarry

Ultimate iPhone Photography

Born and raised in Manchester, UK, I now live in North Wales, enjoying coastal living and the endless photo opportunities that this wonderful region of natural beauty offers. 

My creative career has spanned over forty-five years, giving me experience in just about every aspect and level of the publishing industry. In 2013 I was awarded an ARPS distinction by The Royal Photographic Society. Now retired from the day-to-day pressures of client-centric business, I invest my time in exploring smartphone photography, running workshops and speaking to groups. I have had the pleasure of holding solo exhibitions and being part of group collaborations. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and inspiring others to take the next steps on their smartphone image-making journey.
I’ve been shooting with an iPhone since 2012 and the device is my preferred camera. My Ultimate iPhone Photography presentation is constantly updated to include the very latest advancements in smartphone technology. It is an engaging, informative and motivational session for both seasoned photographers and beginners. I demonstrate the potential to capture and edit photos that take mobile photography from ordinary to extraordinary both onscreen and in print. Using my own smartphone photography as a visual narrative, I cover the technical and conceptual aspects of my work, sharing the inspirations and influences that shape my creative approach. 
Adrian McGarry ARPS
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