Education and Development

The Education and Development evenings take place once a month, on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, starting at 19h00 in St Stephen’s Church hall, Pinelands.

Main Objective:

It is important to acknowledge that improving one’s own level of photography can only be achieved by getting absorbed in photography from all perspectives. Hence the objective of the E&D programme, working in conjunction with Outings, is to expose our members to a cross section of recognized photographers working with varying genres, so giving them the opportunity to experiment with their own photography in guided situations with like-minded people.

It is not about “telling” you how to get that “perfect” shot (is there such a thing?), but rather the intent is to motivate you all to read about, and astutely view, top quality photography. A prime aim is to get you to move away from being controlled by “rules and marks”, and to rather encourage you to establish your own style of capturing that magic moment which caught your eye in the first place. No internationally renowned photographers stick to the “rules”, but by fully understanding the basic principles of photography they create their own style to present outstanding images; and most of them stress the need for a creative approach supported by a passionate commitment.

These evenings are worth attending and will take your photography to new levels!



STEFFNE HUGHES on using Photoshop to make a composite image

Steffne Hughes is a Cape Town photographer who has exhibited nationally and internationally.  She is an intuitive teacher and presents beginner photography courses; one-on-one mentoring for photographers wanting to improve their skills; and Photoshop & Lightroom courses.

Steffne is also a qualified tour guide and hosts weekend photography tours/workshops around the Western and Northern Cape, teaching participants about landscape and star photography. 

Steffne will present a talk which will illustrate some of the elements of composite photography that you need to take into consideration and will demonstrate how to use Photoshop to create a composite image, using several separate images, layers, masking, blending, etc.

Creative Composites is the theme for the CTPS August competition so this talk will give you a few months in which to find images and test your compositing skills.