Mentoring support for members

Mentors to clarify image improvement comments

During a club competition evening you may hear comments like “tone down the highlights”, “dodge and burn”, “add a gradient”, and many other technical suggestions that may puzzle you.

CTPS council has therefore decided to appoint a panel of experienced photographers, who often judge at other clubs and salons, as “mentors” that you may approach for clarification. The idea is that you can ask any of these mentors questions about the meaning of phrases that judges used, or techniques recommended – and even ask them to demonstrate, if necessary.

This service is available to all CTPS members, but we would especially like to encourage beginners to approach the mentors if they need guidance on any aspect of photography. Please note: we welcome questions about judges’ suggestions for improvements to images, but this is not an invitation to complain about judges.

The mentors are: Steffne Hughes, Lesley Parolis, Kim Stevens, Ken Woods, Nicol du Toit and Trudi du Toit.